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  •  Kronoswiss- Giant (long box)  Pilatus Oak 12mm Laminate

Kronoswiss- Giant (long box) Pilatus Oak 12mm Laminate

King of Floor provide 5G locking tech system enable  fast, easy and strong floor installation. Our Laminate Flooring is certified by Swiss TS. KOF's Laminate Flooring is standard of safety recognized in Europe. Laminate Flooring is vertified by CO2. Surrey KOF has the A plus quality flooring material.

Item Number: L-12-D3730-CD
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Product: Kronoswiss
Color: Pilatus Oak
AC Rating 5      (More Info)
Made in: Switzerland
Thickness: 1/2" (12mm)
Width: 9 5/8" (244mm)
Length: 79.72" (2025mm)
SQFT/Box: 15.96

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