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We provide Family friendly and pets friendly laminate flooring for your home in Vancouver.

Kronoswiss Laminate Flooring

Kronoswiss, also known as Swiss Krono, is a testament to over 50 years of excellence in the flooring industry. A family-owned enterprise, they are pioneers in wood-based materials, blending innovative laminate technology with a passion for quality and sustainability. Bringing the beauty of Switzerland to your Canadian doorstep, King of Floors is proud to showcase a vast collection of Swiss Krono laminate floors. Our selection ensures the rooms in your home leave nothing to be desired. Be it quality, durability, or aesthetic appeal, a royal touch of Kronoswiss laminate flooring is all you need to elevate your interiors.

Our Kronoswiss Flooring Selections

Did you know?

King of Floors has the largest selection of in stock laminate floors. Although we only have one location in the lower mainland we are DEFINITELY worth travelling to. We are direct importers; no one can match our price or quality. Make sure you check out our warehouse/ showroom before buying anywhere else.

All our high quality laminate floors are made in Switzerland, Germany, Poland or USA.
Brand Kronoswiss

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